We invite you to stop by on Monday nights after 7:00 pm, email us call us, or fill out the contact form below to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

We willingly offer our time and effort for your protection. We need your financial support and more of you to volunteer your time to become one of us by serving as a firefighter, fire policeman or auxiliary member. Volunteers are always welcome and needed in a non-fire duty capacity as well. Help us with Fund Raisers, activities or just join Monday night practice. Even one or two hours a month can make a huge difference. There are always ways to volunteer for anyone who is willing.

Every hand helps Lower Milford Township.

Together we can make it work.

Fire: Chief Rich DeFiore Jr. 610-967-0411

Fire Police: Captain Alison Koch

Auxiliary/kitchen: 610-967-0412

Home or Mobile Number to contact you (###) ### ####
Address 1


Station Phone # 610.967.0411

We check messages on training nights. This is not a Staffed station. It is a Volunteer Station. Thank you

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