We invite you to stop by on Monday nights after 7:00 pm, email us call us, or fill out the contact form below to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

We willingly offer our time and effort for your protection. We need your financial support and more of you to volunteer your time to become one of us by serving as a firefighter, fire policeman or auxiliary member. Volunteers are always welcome and needed in a non-fire duty capacity as well. Help us with Fund Raisers, activities or just join Monday night practice. Even one or two hours a month can make a huge difference. There are always ways to volunteer for anyone who is willing.

Every hand helps Lower Milford Township.

Together we can make it work.

Fire: Chief Rich DeFiore Jr. 610-967-0411

Fire Police: Captain Alison Koch

Auxiliary/kitchen: 610-967-0412

Home or Mobile Number to contact you (###) ### ####
Address 1


Station Phone # 610.967.0411

We check messages on training nights. This is not a Staffed station. It is a Volunteer Station. Thank you

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We do not fill swimming pools. Try Vera Cruz, Upper Milford or Milford fire companies for this service.

Linford H. Dietz Pavilion

The pavilion is ready for your summer picnics, family reunions or other gatherings. Picnic tables are in the pavilion.
For more information or to make a reservation please call us at 610.967.0411

Mailing Address:
Lower Milford Fire Company #1
PO Box 1
Limeport, PA 18060

Physical Address:
1601 Limeport Pike
Limeport, PA 18060

Phone Numbers:
Truck Room: 610.967.0411
Pavilion Rental: 610.967.0411